About Us
What is Myoats Myoats is a place where you can create simple or complex designs, shapes and patterns.. The designs that you create can be:
  • Downloaded as an image.
  • Downloaded as a transparent png.
  • Saved to your personal account, which allows for editing and re-saving.
  • Made into a wallpaper

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Why Should I Join
When you join, you can:
  • Rate designs, and others can rate your designs.
  • Save your designs to your personal account. The archived designs can be edited and resaved, or saved as new designs.
  • Become friends with other Myoats users.
How Much Does This Cost

Everything is free!

What Are These Designs Called

Why must we always label things? Can’t we just say “It is what it is.”

What Are The Featured Designs On The Homepage

The Featured designs on the homepage are the current top 10 Most Liked designs, and the # 1 Most Liked design has the prestigious honor of being displayed on the homepage spread.

How Are Designs Pushed Towards the Homepage

In order for a design to become Featured on the homepage:

  1. A registered user must click on the I like button. The number of Likes for that specific design increments by one.
  2. When a design has received a specific number of Likes, it becomes Popular
  3. The current top 10 popular designs are featured on the homepage.
  4. Once a design becomes featured on the homepage, a 24 hour "featured time limit" will commence. When the 24 hour time limit has ended, the design will be removed from the homepage. A featured design can be bumped off the homepage and onto the Popular page by a design that is gaining momentum. Even if a featured design is bumped off the homepage, the 24 hour time limit for this design will still be in effect. So that if it becomes featured again (within the 24 hour time limit), a new time limit will not start.
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